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Addiction is a major issue in our culture. Today's youth are more vulnerable to this terrible addiction. Addiction to any substance has a negative impact not only on the addict's health, but also on the social status of the entire family. Our services at nasha mukti kendra in gurdaspur have benefited many patients and families. Prolonged addiction to substances such as alcohol, ganja, charas, smack, and so on has a negative impact on the family's finances and relationships. Gurdaspur has access to our addiction and rehabilitation services. At Gurdaspur, we've seen a wide range of individuals with addictions ranging from alcohol to synthetic drugs.

We have data indicating that the influence of drugs such as smack and ganja is growing in the Gurdaspur district not only that but also of alcohol. There is no drug that can be used to prevent this sickness, but we can successfully conquer it with therapy and properly planned treatment programmes.

Our commitment to an addiction-free India.

Nasha mukti kendra in gurdaspur is one of India's top Anti-Drug & alcohol Treatment Centres committed to the prevention, control, treatment, and rehabilitation of drug or alcohol addicts of all types.

We are here to deliver services that are patient-centric rather than profit-driven in such a competitive environment. We are based in Gurdaspur City. By joining us, you will get transparency and patient pleasure through correct service guidance, as well as the Golden Future, nasha mukti kendra in gurdaspur seal of confidence. With our finest quality patient support, we will offer possible treatments based on your condition.

The recovery centre prepares the patient for their return home and assists them in remaining drug and alcohol free. Follow-up care is essential and should be incorporated in any treatment centre programme; it aids in the prevention of relapse, which prevents any addict from going back to addiction.

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