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It is human tendency to follow what surrounds us, thus if one's surroundings or environment is pleasant and positive, one is naturally on the correct track. However, if the surroundings are unpleasant, taking the incorrect road will not take long. Also, if we want our patients to come up with things that led to their drug and alcohol addictions, we must make them feel comfortable. As a result, keeping a proper environment and comfort zone is critical, as these two variables play a significant part in restoring balance, and nasha mukti kendra in Nabha is well recognised for this.

Working of Nasha Mukti Kendra in Nabha:

Various alcohol & drug treatment approaches are employed at nasha mukti kendra in Nabha, including:

• Yoga

• Meditation

• Counseling

• Physical Activity/Workshop

With these techniques, addicts' sense of direction and concentration power improve, allowing them to think clearly about what is right and which course they should take.

The issues and problems are discussed in groups so that everyone can assist one another. Individual counselling is also provided in some circumstances as persons take the time to reveal what occurred to them and how they became addicted to such medications. We may all believe that we are the only ones who have such an addiction, but once you attend the nasha mukti kendra, you will realise that we are not the only ones. And we have a chance to break free from this addiction and resume our normal lives. Their many years of experience have resulted in a excellent success and recovery rate. Costs and charges are not an issue because only the bare minimum is charged for this work.

Age and gender are not barriers in our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Nabha, as we observe that both young adults and adults are being interested in various sorts of addiction. Female chances are increasing as well. As a result, the treatment is offered to all genders and people of a specific age.

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